These Are The Ways To Fixing A Stripped Cabinet Knob?

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tripped cabinet knob

Dealing with a stripped cabinet knob is not fun at all. It is so annoying when pulling out the cabinet and the knob comes off. Almost every user encounters such cases, and most are unsure how to fix a stripped cabinet knob at home.

It is even impossible to find another knob that sometimes matches the old one. However, the good news is that a stripped knob can easily be repaired without costing much. This article is for a person facing the problem of a loose cabin knob but does not know what to do.

Below are simple steps to be followed when fixing a stripped cabinet knob. So, let’s get started.

4 Steps To Fix Stripped Cabinet Knob: Wood And Metal

Fixing stripped wooden or metal cabinet knobs is a similar method. They differ slightly in the materials used. The wooden knob does not need to use adhesives in fixing the cabinet knob as it is for the metal cabinet knob. 

Use the same steps used in fixing the wood and metal cabinet knob. Ensure you follow all the steps as outlined below for easy work:

Step 1: Use Of A Paper Matchstick

Although this is a temporary solution, it is worth knowing. This step is suitable for a case whereby threads have come off but not all of it. Use a paper matchstick to help pull the threads back to function. Insert the paper matchstick in the hole of the knob and twist it to get back on the screw.  

This type of solution will always fail after a short period. It is, therefore, best to look for a long-lasting solution.

Step 2: Fixing Entire Threaded Cabinet Knob

If the entire post on the cabinet is stripped off, use a toothpick to salvage the situation. Take a toothpick and push it down the hole of the knob to determine the damage. Using fingernails, mark on the toothpick to indicate the length of the threaded portion.

From the mark on the toothpick to the end of it all is the number of threads needed to extend beyond the finished surface of the wood. Make the number of threads thick enough by adding another amount of threads used to extend beyond the wood of the finished surface. 

Step 3: Screw Head

The cabinet knob might have been stripped off because of a big screw head. Try and use a small screw head for the cabinet knob. Add a washer to add support against the wood behind the cabinet. A washer helps to add to the thickness of the knob.

Step 4: Fix The Knob

Apply pressure to push the screw of the knob into the hole but at the same time, be careful not to overdo it. Tighten the knob firmly to achieve the desired resistance. Ensure that the knob is well fitted and firmly held up.

Final Verdict:

Do not twist the knob, making it easy for the knob to strip off again. The best way to fix loose knobs on the dresser is to use a screwdriver to tighten them.

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