How To Use A Ceramic Tile Cutter? [Be A Pro Today]

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The QEP’s Manual Cutter is considered the overall best cutter. It has a titanium-coated tungsten carbide scoring wheel. Its large capacity makes it ideal for use on many tiles. It has two sidebars to provide more stability.

It has a built-in ruler which extends to allow you to make straight, precise cuts. It is also equipped with an angular guide. It works to ensure you make effective cuts as per your design.

According to Jahidul Alam, the author of Tidy Floor, “If you are looking for a multipurpose tile cutter, you should go for the QEP’s edge. It is cost-effective and will give you service for a long time. It is also easy to use for beginners.

Which Is Better, Manual Or Electric Tile Cutter?

Whether to use an electric or a manual tile cutter depends on the task at hand. The electric and the manual cutters are the best tile fixers to use. A manual knife is used in simple DIY projects, like small kitchen splashbacks requiring many straight cuts or projects where an electric cutter is unsuitable due to space constraints.

They are cheap and easy to move around and use. They are, however, only suitable for making straight cuts and on specific tiles. Electric cutter, on the other hand, is not limited to the shape of the cut and the type of tile. They make precise cuts, whether large or small. It, however, requires skills to use it and also space. It is recommended for use in places where a manual cutter is unsuitable.

However, here is wooden stairs landing for you outstanding floor design. Let’s look at a glance. 

The Bottom Line:

We have seen all the tips and steps required for you to know how to use a manual cutter. This tool is easy to maneuver and learn as a new beginner. You just have to see the quality and the measure of the tile you are using. 

Always get a tile cutter that is an inch larger than your actual tile. Now that you know how to use a ceramic manual tile cutter, you don’t need to hire an expert for small tile projects. Give your house that new look you have been yearning for.

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